Triple Glazing Windows

Triple glazing windows are a must for any property owner keen to reduce their energy bills and maintain warmth and comfort in their home.

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What are triple glazing windows?

Triple glazed windows comprise three individual panes of glass (compared to double glazing windows which only have two). The gap between each pane of glass is filled with an inert gas such as argon which is heavier than air and acts as an insulator for heat and noise. Sunlight however can still stream through the window, creating bright, light-filled indoor spaces.

Benefits of triple glazed windows

Triple Glazed Windows can significantly increase the level of comfort inside your home. They offer the highest degree of energy efficiency available and are unsurpassed when it comes to their thermal properties. They are designed to reduce draughts and cold spots in rooms, and can save hundreds on your heating bill. Further they provide an extra layer of security by increasing the window’s strength and providing an additional barrier to intrusion.

When you choose Astral Windows and Doors to supply and fit your triple glazing windows, you will enjoy:

  • maximum energy efficiency
  • reduced energy bills
  • improved BER rating
  • noise reduction
  • enhanced security
  • a wide choice of colours
  • a variety of fitting possibilities and finishes and
    quality workmanship


Our triple glazed windows are available in a range of styles to suit your contemporary or period property, and come in a wide variety of colours and woodgrain effects.

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